Waitry teams up with Meta for food ordering on Instagram and Facebook

With the new partnership between Meta and Waitry, restaurants around the world will be able to set up their Order Food button on Instagram and Facebook in very easy steps.

This alliance allows you to choose Waitry as your food order manager, so visitors to your Instagram or Facebook profile will be able to use your Order Food button directly from the profile, or from the stories you create with actions of call to action. Your customers will be just one click away from buying online. … Read More

Mc Donald’s will celebrate the Big Day with pre-sale through Waitry

Like every year, this November 12, the Big Day will be celebrated in the more than 200 McDonald’s in the country. A great day of solidarity for the benefit of Casa Ronald and Fundación SI. This year the presale of Big Macs will be carried out through Waitry in a joint collaboration between Mc Donald’s, Waitry and Prisma. … Read More

Waitry is updated with more than 100 improvements

We have released the biggest update of the web, Android and iOS versions of Waitry, we invite you to know it. … Read More

How to continue operating in the face of the new restrictions

We explain how to quickly set up your business on Waitry to shield it from the new restrictions announced yesterday. … Read More

Waitry Digital Menu

Yes, our digital menu for restaurants is free

We explain why we offer our digital menu for restaurants and hotels for free and we do not charge it, unlike other companies. … Read More

Waitry App Container Bar

Tools for post coronavirus pandemic restaurants.

Everything that restaurants and hotels need to comply with hygiene and distancing regulations after the coronavirus pandemic. The pandemic caused by the new coronavirus COVID-19, left with it a very delicate situation for all industries, especially for the gastronomic and … Read More

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