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Online Orders
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Take away 3% 1.5%
Delivery 3% 1.5%
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Room service / Amenities
Postdated Orders
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Digitalize your service
Waiter Caller
Customer Caller
Automatic surveys
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Live orders
Delivery zones
App for Waiters
Order History
Advanced Analytics
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Personal meeting with an advisor
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Multi Branch

Multi Branch

Keep synchronized, manage and analyze all your branches in real time

Advanced Management

Advanced Management

Take the next step towards the digital management of your business with our tools



Offer your customers balance top-up, pensions and much more. If you work with companies you can manage everything from Waitry



Allow your customers to reserve a table and even order in advance

And complete it with the best additional services

Save time and money with direct integrations, have your own website and app and much more with Waitry’s advanced services.

Integration with your POS/POS

Automates the synchronization of products, tables and order insertion.

Customer Support

Management and creation of orders for multiple branches

Your Own Website

Sell more online with your own website generated and managed by Waitry

Smart Waiting Queue

Manage the waiting queue to enter your business in a 100% digital and contactless way.

Order Status Viewer

View designed for large screens that allows your customers to know the status of their orders.

KDS - Digital Orders

Optimize and digitalize your kitchens and bars with our powerful digital order engine and kitchen viewer

Status website for Riders

Allow riders to check the status of their orders without having to wait inside your venue.

Self service Kiosks

Provide the best physical shopping experience with the version of Waitry adapted for digital order totems.

Self service Tablets

Digitize your tables with the version of Waitry specially designed for Tablets.

Automatic translation

Your menu available in any language, translated in real time.


Allow your customers to physically assemble their order by scanning a QR for each product.

Your own App

Have your own app for Android and iOS always updated with Waitry improvements

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Frequent questions

Is it really free?

Yes! You can use our unlimited free plan as much as you want. When you want to take the next step and get the most out of it, you can take advantage of our premium plan.

Does Waitry charge commission?

Our transaction cost is  0%, 1.5% or 3%  depending on the plan or type of order.  These amounts are necessary to administratively manage payments, provide support and maintain the cloud infrastructure of your online business in Waitry.

Do customers need to download an app?

It is not necessary for your clients to download apps, they can use the Waitry web version that covers 100% of the functionalities.

Will I have my own app?

If you wish, you can contract the service of your own App for Android, iOS and web , with your image, colors and custom operation customization.

Does it integrate with my management system?

We have more than 20 direct integrations and 50 indirect integrations through our integration partners. Among the main ones: Hosteltáctil , Revo , Ágora, Lightspeed , Oracle Symfony . Check out our integration guides for more information.

What means of payment does it support?

With Waitry you can handle online and contactless cash and card payments, we have integrations with payment methods that provide global coverage and exclusive agreements, see more in our Academy .

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