Tools for post coronavirus pandemic restaurants.

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Everything that restaurants and hotels need to comply with hygiene and distancing regulations after the coronavirus pandemic.

The pandemic caused by the new coronavirus COVID-19, left with it a very delicate situation for all industries, especially for the gastronomic and hotel industry, which after historical losses forces restaurants and hotels to prepare to reopen. Get to know the tools that Waitry offers starting for free.

In several countries, the conditions that restaurants, bars, breweries and hotels must meet in order to reopen their businesses to the public have already been announced. To help our clients and industry to be able to comply with them, we have created a free plan that covers several of these aspects and can be implemented in a matter of hours.

Our solutions

  • Digital letter accessible by QR, pin and short link from the mobile
  • Orders from the table or at the counter with the mobile
  • Takeaway and delivery orders from mobile
  • Digital payments to avoid cash
  • Waiting line accessible by QR
  • Web Waiter Caller
  • Web Diners Caller

Before opening

Tools for post coronavirus restaurants

Takeaway and delivery orders

To the extent that the establishments continue to be closed to the public, the only possible form of sale is, in principle, Delivery and then Take Away (To withdraw and eat at home). Although the platforms that make deliveries solve the distribution logistics, there are cities where they do not operate or sometimes the commissions become very high and the establishments that have their own delivery personnel prefer to manage them on their own and increase their profit margin.

Delivery and Take Away web and mobile platform

In our free plan we have included everything you need to receive and collect online Take Away and Delivery orders. With our platform you can print QR codes, integrate your own short link on Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram and Google My Business to reach your customers instantly.

In the case of pick-up orders, they will be able to make their entire purchase, pay for it online and specify pick-up hours within the ranges and minimum delivery times that you establish.

For delivery, they can also tell you the delivery address, which you can limit by zones and times.

When opening to the public

Herramientas para restaurantes post coronavirus

Hygienic measures and the printed letter

When the big day arrives and the doors open again with great enthusiasm, we must also bear in mind that we must be very strict regarding hygiene on surfaces and elements shared between staff and diners.

One of the elements most shared by diners and of direct contact is the printed menu. In many cases, there is only one menu per table, shared by several diners throughout the day, which can bring great costs and risks in the coming months.

QR digital menu

To solve it, we offer our digital menu accessible from the diner’s smartphone without the need to download our app, through:

  • An automatically generated QR code
  • Downloadable instructional chart of our panel
  • Proximity of the diner to the establishment
  • Automatically generated short link.

QR Waitry digital menu among the tools for post-coronavirus restaurants.

The menu allows you to organize your products into categories and items, configure photos, videos, descriptions, modifiers and prices in several languages. Even in our premium plans the menu is automatically translated into any language.

In this way, physical contact with the printed menu is avoided, printing and cleaning costs are reduced and, above all, an excellent experience is provided to the diner who can even call the waiter and ask for the bill from his mobile.

Orders from the table and counter

Another recommendation is that the orders be made directly to pick up at the counter, instead of the waiters bringing them to the tables. This reduces the risk of contact and transmission.

With our solution, from the Starter plan, diners can place their order and pay for it online from the table, or even hours before visiting the restaurant to pick it up at the counter and consume it at the table. When the order is ready, a notification will be sent to you to pick it up, which avoids the need to purchase physical callers. In addition, customers will also be able to call the waiter.

capacity control

The rules will also be strict regarding capacity. The percentages will vary by country. For example, in Spain, in Phase 1 of the exit, only 30% capacity will be allowed after opening to the public and only 50% in Phase 2.

Digital check-in queue

In our free plan you will also find an entry control module through which your customers can scan a QR code before entering your establishment. By doing so, they will automatically enter the waiting line to enter, being able to indicate the number of diners. When your table is ready, or capacity allows, you can send a notification to your mobile to tell you to enter.

In this way, diners will be able to spread out and respect social distancing while waiting to enter.

How to start?

Create your Waitry account

Go to https://app.waitry.net/signup and create your account in a minute. By following our guides , you can have your account up and selling within the day, using our tools designed to help restaurants and hotels go through adaptation after the coronavirus pandemic.

When you’re ready, you can upgrade to one of our paid plans to get the most out of Waitry’s tools.

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