Waitry is updated with more than 100 improvements

We have released the biggest update of the web, Android and iOS versions of Waitry, we invite you to know it.

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In the last year we multiplied by 20 the number of restaurants, hotels and businesses that trust Waitry for their online orders , exceeding 4000 in 5 countries . Each of them is just as important as the first. That’s why we listen to them and learn every day , understanding what they need to take real advantage of technology .

Focusing on the needs of our customers, we have launched the biggest Waitry update of the year, with more than 100 improvements specially designed to achieve the best experience of discovery, consumption, attention and payment.

Among the most important features, we highlight:

  • Redesign of the initial discovery screen
  • New carefully redesigned business profile
  • Order Flow Optimization
  • Dramatically improved layout and speed for mobile and desktop
  • New menu formats, designed to highlight your products in the best way
  • Enabling anonymous ordering without interrupting the purchase flow
  • Improved address search engine
  • Possibility to order from the table and pay at the end
  • Version for touch Kiosks developed from scratch
  • Integration of new means of payment with exclusive agreements
  • And over 90 more!

If you’re a Waitry customer, log in to your dashboard and see how great your business looks and how easy it is to shop. If you are not yet part of the Waitry family, learn about our plans , create your account and start digitizing your business today.

We hope you like this new version! We are already working on a next version with more improvements based on careful data measurements such as purchase funnel, bounce and conversion rates, integrations, visit sources and much more to continue offering the best online ordering platform.

Do you have new ideas or suggestions? Let’s talk! We will be delighted to hear from you.

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