Yes, our digital menu for restaurants is free

We explain why we offer our digital menu for restaurants and hotels for free and we do not charge it, unlike other companies.

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Gastronomy and hospitality are one of the industries most affected by COVID-19. It generated historical drops in sales and a series of new needs and adaptations that generated uncertainty for restaurant and hotel owners about how to adapt their business in order to continue operating in the new normal.

In our previous article , we shared the tools that can help restaurants adapt to the new reality, including our free QR Digital Menu for restaurants and tabletop, takeout and delivery ordering platform. We understand it may sound strange that there are so many new companies that sell QR cards there is one that offers it for free, we explain why we are leaders and we can do it.

QR Waitry Digital Letter

First, a little history

Waitry was born at the end of 2015 as an application to order and call the waiter from the table. At that time, you could say that we were an Interactive Digital Letter. We started working with our first clients and noticed that there were many other opportunities to automate, integrate and help them sell more and better .

Today, 5 years, more than 1,000 restaurants on the platform and 8,000 hours of development later, our platform has become a facilitator of digital transformation for restaurants, with all kinds of tools, including the digital menu.

Our digital letter

Our digital menu has dozens of versions launched, designed and developed with great care to improve the consumption experience of diners, including photographs, videos, modifiers, additions, descriptions and allergens product by product to communicate and sell in the best way .

Why do we offer it for free? Because it is just the tip of the iceberg of what Waitry can offer, it is an invitation to get to know our platform and start taking the first steps towards digital transformation and above all because we are committed to the industry and our customers . Unlike new companies that were born in a specific response to the coronavirus (some very good!), Waitry is a leader in the digital transformation of restaurants, guaranteeing quality, experience and a validated and constantly evolving product.

try it yourself

Scan the code with your mobile/cell phone or access https://go.waitry.net/7F0D3

How to have your digital QR card today

It is very simple! Follow these 3 steps

  1. Create your Waitry account
  2. Follow the getting started guide
  3. Print your QR

We will wait for you!

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