Order with no delays and no lines.

From anywhere, anytime.

"Now you can check out the menu, call the waiter, place your order and even pay for your meal from your phone, using a single platform."
La Nación
"Check the menu, place your order, call the waiter, ask for the bill and pay. Everything from your smartphone, avoiding waiting, lines and mistakes"
TN Tecno
"This solution is ready to be customized and implemented immediately, regardless of the size of the business."
Diego Coquillat

No delay, no lines

Save time: order online, pay with your phone, get the goodies. If it’s a takeaway purchase, you’ll get a notification when your order is ready for pickup.

Simpler payments

Split the check in real time and pay with your smartphone!

Improved experience

Get customized suggestions and promotions based on your preferences and order history.

How does Waitry work

Forget about lines, stressful delays and mistakes.
Access the digital menu

Access the menu with picures, descriptions and automatic translations. Access by location, QR code or PIN, no need to download our app. 

Order from your smartphone

Your order as you placed it will go straight to the kitchen. No more “sorry, did you say Coke or Pepsi?”

Get your order

When ready, we’ll let you know so you can pick it up at the bar or a waiter will bring it to your table. 

Excellent! This system should be everywhere.

We work with top of the line restaurants, for you.

Waitry for business

Do you own or manage a restaurant, hotel o would like to implement Waitry at your company for your workers?

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