Coupons and Promotions

In this article we’ll walk you through the process of creating promotions and discount coupons from Waitry! #

Step 1: #

Go to the “Promotions” tab on the side menu.

Step 2: #

From that tab you’ll be able to create a new promotion, setting up different parameters.

After creating a new promotion, a new tab will unfold. Inside that new tab you’ll fill in the information regarding your promotion.

The first area is where you will enter the general aspects of the promotion: Name, description, language, duration of the promotion and the percentage of discount to be applied during the promotion on the regular prices of the selected items.

Note: The field “user usage limit” defines how many times a discount or coupon can be validated by the same user.

On the second section of this tab is where you can set up the stock or amount of promotions that will be available for the previously configured period of time. It is also here where you’ll enable or disable the promotion, and even make it “public” which means that it will be displayed on your venue’s menu and Waitry App, where any user can find it.

If the promotion is not public, a discount coupon will be generated for you to send to any customer you choose. For the recipient to use it they will only need to enter the PIN or scan the QR code generated with the coupon.

Step 3:

After setting up the promotion, we need to select the products that will be affected by it, the specific days and times when the promo will be active and whether or not it is exclusive for certain service types (IE: only valid for Take Away or Delivery)

Inside the “Reach” tab we will define the products:

Dates, timeframes and enabled services are set up inside the Availability tab. In this example the promotion is enabled only Fridays and Saturdays on Delivery and Take Away orders.

Step 4:

The last steps of this configuration would be setting up translations, terms and conditions of the promotion.

Step 5:

Hit “Save” and relax! Once this step is finished, your promotion will be ready for your customers to enjoy.


We recommend using images in the promotions to enhance the user experience and preserve your menu aesthetic.

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