Delivery Orders in Waitry

Take and manage Delivery orders with Waitry #

With Waitry you can take Delivery orders from the App, your own website, Facebook and/or any device scanning a QR code or accessing a custom URL.

In this article we’ll explain how to set up your account to take orders. It takes less than 5 minutes!

Instructions #

Log in to Waitry with your username and password

  1. Go to the side menu -> Venues
  2. Press the “Set up” icon
  3. Once inside the Venue management module, select “Add Plan”
  4. Choose “Delivery” as the plan type.
  5. Set up Name, Description, working hours and delivery costs in order to customize your service.
  6. Once the plan is created, you’ll have the option of creating a QR code and an access PIN. You can chose the name that fits your plan best. You can also enable a STRIPE account
  7. Done! Your venue will show Available for Delivery and you’ll be able to use the QR code and PIN you created for access it.

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Did you know? #

There is a web version of the orders: Reeplacing CODIGOPIN with any of the access PINs of your business  

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