Set up MercadoPago account

Setting up a MercadoPago account in your Waitry panel will allow you to accept payments from the App and you will receive them directly in your MercadoPago account. In this way, you can streamline the collection process in your venue, increasing productivity and efficiency.

Instructions #

Authorize Waitry to receive payments in your MercadoPago account

  1. Access the Venues module
  2. In the lower right part of the venues to be configured, press the button “Manage Venue”
  3. At the top right press the “PAYMENT” button.
  4. Enable the MercadoPago option
  5. Confirm if your browser allows popus (Google ChromeMicrosoft EdgeMozilla Firefox) and then click the “Connect” button.
  6. The authorization window will open. Here you must access MercadoPago and accept Waitry’s permissions.
  7. Press “Save” and your account will be set up and ready to receive payments.

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