MercadoPago refund guide

From your MercadoPago account, choose the Activity option, and search among your processed charges until you find the one you want to refund. You can search by name or date. Once you’ve found it, click “Refund Money” and type the amount you want to give back.

If the customer used money from his account or payed cash, the refunded money will be automatically appear on his MercadoPago account.

If it was a debit payment, the refund will go to the homebanking account. If it was a credit card payment, the refund will go to the credit card used.

Either way, MercadoPago will not charge comission for the refunded payment. Keep in mind that the time limit to make refunds is 90 days after the sell was made.

In your account, the refund will show as follows:

How to return a payment if I charged with Point? #

To make a refund of a payment made with Point, the process is just like any other MercadoPago transaction, except for those made with Visa Debit.

In this case, the refund must be made using MercadoPago App with your Point and the debit card that was charged from.

Just type in the exact amount you want to refund, choose “Refund”, and slide the card through the reader. Once finished, the ticket can be sent via e-mail or sms.

The customer will see the refund in the card statement.

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