How to import your products to Waitry

First of all, you’ll need to download the Excel model that our platform offers. To do so go to the PRODUCTS section and click IMPORT on the top right.

A window with two options will show up: “Product model Download” and “Price model Download”. Click “Product model Download”

Enter all your products into the corresponding rows and columns of the Excel document.

IMPORTANT: do not leave any blank spaces. If you don’t have the information requested on a column or row for your products, delete the entire column/row, but never leave a blank space.

If there are EXTRAS to add or remove from a meal, add it as a category and every extra must be detailed as a product.

When finished loading all your products to the Excel sheet, save the file and then drag it to your Waitry panel.

WARNING: This process may take several minutes.

In order to apply the different product variations you can refer to this article.

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