Account Setup

For you to make the most out of your Waitry account, make more and better sells, you can hire the optional Initial Account Setup service, through which we’ll get your account set up and ready for you to start selling.

Step by step #

  1. Request the Account Setup service here or via email
  2. Fill the Account Setup Form
  3. Our team performs the set up (it takes up to 2 working days)
  4. Done! Start selling!

Included services #

Initial account setup #

  • Business profile: General information, address, phone number, description, images and working hours.
  • User profiles creation with their respective permissions
  • Creation of your own subdomine

Service setup tailored to your needs #

  • Plans configuration
  • Take Away and delivery services configuration
  • Service configuration: order steps, custom messages.
  • Delivery zones configuration
  • Management system integration (Growing Plan)
  • Creation of graphic pieces ready to print.

Product upload #

  • Upload and curation of up to 150 products
  • Menu and categories organization
  • Pictures and descriptions upload
  • Configuration of addons and modifiers

Preparation for selling #

  • Exportation of QR codes and table center graphic pieces
  • Exportation of QR codes and graphic pieces for the counter
  • Short link generation for Take Away and Delivery
  • Configuration of shopping buttons on your social media accounts.

How to request the account set up service #

Just contact us right here! Let us know on the chat or send us an email.

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